Create your itsme® account with eID

Enter your mobile phone number and email address. We need these data to be able to create your itsme® account.

We link your digital ID to this mobile phone number.

By clicking on ‘create my account’ you agree to our privacy policy

You will be able to use itsme® for administrative services (Tax-on-web, etc.). Therefore we will use your national registration number (under the conditions provided for by law). This new functionality will automatically be activated with the creation of your itsme® account. If you would no longer want to use this service, please inform us via

Create your itsme®account on a computer

You can only create an itsme® account with your eID via a computer, because your eID needs to be read using a card reader.

Surf to and follow the steps on the website to link your eID to the itsme® app. Get your eID and card reader to proceed.